With over 25 Years of experience!

About Us

Our company has been owned and operated by father and son since 1997.  Our ethics are to continually enjoy the process while offering top-of-line services and excellent beginning-to-end of project satisfaction.  Thank you for making Splatt your choice in home improvement; we will provide excellence in our production and a warm family embracement of heritage-based value.


Our Family History

Splattt Construction prides its standards for home improvements with a strong family history which maintains excellent business association within the Grey Bruce sub-contracting business. Since its inception in 1997, they maintain their focus on the impeccable standards handed down by his father; Jason Cowen believes in a commitment to his client from the start of the project until completion. Honesty and fairness complete their motto  "We understand how you are feeling; your project is safe in our hands."

Our family is from Scotland with a Native background which we believe leads to our deep intuitive understanding of the world around us; our love for the arts and music inspires our daily work achievements.

Excellent attention to detail means excellent workmanship.